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Christina P. Tapia, Ph.D.

BizKids interview of Christina Tapia on Economics

While teaching an undergraduate macroeconomics course at Seattle University, Dr. Tapia was interviewed for an episode of BizKids, a great PBS kids program about business and economics. This was a fun opportunity for her to talk about economics and hopefully get some young people interested in becoming more informed.

KIRO 7 -Comment on Jobs Numbers- Christina Tapia

Dr. Tapia comments on newly released jobs numbers (interview 12/7/2012) and what we might expect from businesses and their hiring decisions in the near future.

Dr. Christina Tapia is a dedicated economist with nearly a decade of experience testifying and consulting in the areas of personal injury, employment, medical malpractice, wrongful death, wage and hour, and related matters. In founding Northwest Economics (NW Economics), Dr. Tapia brings together her passion for economics and her enthusiasm for tackling real-world problems using the tools and principles of economics.

With an extensive academic and professional background, Dr. Tapia is uniquely positioned to convey economic concepts with clarity and enthusiasm. Since 1997, she has taught students ranging from junior high to executive MBA candidates and she continues to teach as a Senior Adjunct Professor in Seattle University’s Albers School of Business. At the University of Washington, Dr. Tapia has taught in the Foster School of Business and is currently a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Economics. As an economist, she has been retained as an expert in over two hundred cases by attorneys in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, California, Ohio, and Texas, in both state and federal cases. 

Dr. Tapia has served as a mentor in the University of Washington Department of Economics Undergraduate Mentorship Program since 2011 and founded the UW Women in Economics group. She is also a member of the American Economic Association, the National Association of Forensic Economics, and the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts..  

Dr. Tapia enjoys spending time with family, running, traveling, teaching, learning, and developing her skills as a novice beekeeper. She is the daughter of Spartan immigrants and has grown up in the Pacific Northwest.